Denmark British Motor Show

British Motor Show – Denmark

The British Motor Show is the most popular Meeting in Denmark for enthusiasts with British vehicles, whether it is cars, buses, lorries, motorcycles, tractors or vans and regardless of the age of the vehicle. The event will be held on Saturday, August 11, where Nordfjends in Skive Municipality forms the framework for accommodation, catering and the festive and cultural activities. Around the area, there are several campsites and accommodations, so there is ample opportunity to stay in the area up to the meeting. Or just book your stay during the Meeting at the Manor House. We are ready to help you. The place is located in the stunning scenery close to the water, so there is ample opportunity for everyone to have a wonderful weekend. Strandet Hovedgaard Manor forms the framework for the actual event, where all vehicles are exhibited […]

Entire Museum Dedicated to British Cars Goes On Sale in Denmark
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Entire Museum Dedicated to British Cars Goes On Sale in Denmark

The world’s largest museum devoted to Austin cars will soon be auctioned in Denmark. Alongside 47 cars, it also features over 3,000 related items, including books, posters, signs, toy cars, die-casts and other rare automobilia. Stefan Wolffbrandt began the collection in 1985 after he acquired his first car; an 1957 Austin A30, which he saved from the junkyard and restored on a shoestring. This ignited his passion for the brand and he went on to collect further Austin models, in particular A30’s and A35’s, while pursuing his career as a successful rock musician.