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Britishness of British Cars Increasing

Is it possible to be more British than British? Well, according to the forthcoming report of the Automotive Council, yes. British cars, meaning those made within the confines of the British geographical region, are being made with more British-sourced parts as the upswing in UK car production continues. The report shows that homeland component makers sold 19% more products to UK vehicle producers last year than in 2013. Yes, that means the cars are 19% more British. Currently, approximately one-third of the components in a UK-built car are domestically sourced. This is far down from the heyday of the mid-1970s when that number was more than 90%. However, vehicle manufacturing in the UK is undergoing rapid growth – British car production has increased by more than 50% since 2009, and this is creating new opportunities for domestic suppliers. The Automotive […]