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Touring Cars Draw Thousands

Crowds of up to 25,000 motor fans packed into Rockingham Motor Speedway for the British Touring Car Championship at the weekend. The two-day event is part of Britain’s biggest motor racing championship and was Rockingham’s flagship event during its 10th anniversary year. British motor racing star Lewis Hamilton was among the spectators at the track on Saturday and yesterday to watch his brother Nicolas take part in the racing. Among the several thousand fans was Mark Barber, 28, of Northampton. He said: “I go to see the touring cars quite regularly and it’s good to have it so close to home at this event.” Kevin Clarke, 51, of Finedon, attended the event with his father, who was celebrating his birthday. He said, “It’s the first time I’ve been to Rockingham and the first time that I’ve seen the touring cars. My father […]