VotW - Bathtub on Wheels

VotW – Bathtub on Wheels

Talk about your clean rides! Our Video of the Week this time comes via the folks at British Pathé and features, yes, you guessed it, a bathtub on wheels. More than just on wheels actually, the bathtub is fully motorized, has scrub brush mirrors, and is even driving by a guy who looks remarkably like someone found Waldo. What is actually happening in this video is that engineering students invent a motorized bathtub and then drive it around the streets. It makes a very odd sight, but it’s a terrific invention! In addition to the rolling tub itself, the streets scenes when the devices takes to the road are fantastic. In the background of the video you can see people going to work and shopping and generally doing what folks do on any normal day. What is amazing is that […]