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From 1980 to 2000, Camel Trophy took more than 500 amateur competitors from 35 countries on extraordinary and challenging adventures. On most of these events, teams drove specially prepared Land Rovers to the limit and beyond in locations as varied as Borneo, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, and Tanzania. Camel Trophy charts the history of the event and tells the incredible stories resulting from the constant challenge to both man and machine.

As one of the official photographers on the last four events, author Nick Dimbleby’s first-hand account, the shared experiences of competitors, along with contemporary reports and extensive new interviews of key event leaders, all combine to make Camel Trophy a gripping tale of adventure, adversity, technological change, and logistical challenge.

Illustrated with a stunning collection of photographs including never-before-published, behind-the-scenes shots, this meticulously researched publication can legitimately claim to be the definitive history of the Camel Trophy.

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Camel Trophy: The Definitive History Key features

  • The only complete guide to every Camel Trophy, fully illustrated with unique and evocative imagery from official photographers, as well as behind the scenes material from staff members.
  • Painstakingly researched, with all key players interviewed.
  • Remarkable stories that chart Camel Trophy’s progress from small, German-market promotional event to multi-million dollar international competition.
  • Chapters on selections, the infrastructure and pre-scouts, provide a fascinating insight into how the Camel Trophy events were put together.
  • A complete guide to the vehicles used on the event, including technical specifications and insights into the design and build of the Land Rovers, Ford-engined Jeeps and RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) used.
  • Written by Nick Dimbleby, a specialist off-road photographer and writer, who was part of the official photographic crew for the last four Camel Trophys.
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About the Author, Nick Dimbleby

Nick Dimbleby is a multi-award-winning photographer and writer specializing in automotive and off-road photography. He was a member of the Camel Trophy photographic team between 1996 and 2000 and has since gone on to photograph numerous off-road events and expeditions worldwide. Author of seven books including Off-road Driving TechniquesRange Rover – The Complete Story (with James Taylor) and Land Rover, 65 Years of Adventure, Nick’s first publication was ‘Range Rover Conversions’ which he wrote in 1987 when he was thirteen. Owner of a number of classic Range Rovers, a 100-inch Land Rover, and a Citroen 2CV, he also enjoys walking, exploring, and playing the piano. He lives in Northamptonshire with his wife Lisa, his children Oscar and Poppy, and a whippet called Molly.

Title: Camel Trophy: The Complete History
Author: Nick Dimbleby
Publisher: Porter Press International
ISBN: 1913089371
Pages: 336 pages
Date Published: Sept 24, 2021
Price: £60.00

Note: Press release courtesy of Porter Press International.