VotW – The Golden Age of the British Sportscar

We are starting a new feature this week. We have always put a nice little YouTube video over there in the sidebar for your enjoyment, but a lot of folks either didn’t realize it was there, didn’t realize they could blow it up to a larger size to watch, or just generally ignored it because … well, I don’t know. Maybe they thought it was an advertisement or something.

The Golden Age of the British Sportscar

Anyway, from now one we are going to feature the video in a post each time we change it, and this should be every week. Hopefully every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Because it is a pretty boring day in general and we could all use a little something to brighten it up. Maybe a nice little video about some aspect of the British car fascination will do this. Hopefully it will give enough boost to get you to the weekend. And if not, well, at least it might get you over the hump.

So, to kick this all off, our video this week is “The Golden Age of the British Sportscar” from the series ‘Magnificent Machines’. Produced by the BBC in 2012, this nearly hour long video showcases the great names of the 1950s and 1960s like Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG, and Triumph, while also paying heed to some of the lesser known but just as important marques. It is a wonderful combination of period footage, current scenes, and honest interviews. It is a fun watch for the seasoned veteran or the newcomer to this addiction that is British sports cars.