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Jaguar Land Rover SVO Growing and Recruiting

Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) today announces recruitment plans to support its ambitious growth strategy, with the creation of 250 new jobs this year. Just two years after its creation in 2014, plans to increase the number of employees across Special Operations’ business areas is aligned to the £30m investment made in new headquarter facilities in the British Midlands for SVO (£20m) and Jaguar Land Rover Classic (£7.5m). John Edwards, Jaguar Land Rover SVO Managing Director, said: Today we employ just over 1,000 designers, engineers and technicians across four divisions in Special Operations. The team is energetic, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial. They are the principal reason that we have made a strong start in business since 2014. Now we have new facilities, technologies, products and services in place to exceed the demands of our most discerning customers all over […]