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Rolls-Royce Returns to Scotland in Spirit of 1907 Reliability Trials

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars returned in magnificent style to the Scottish roads that, in 1907 set the scene for one of the marque’s defining moments. Wraith, Ghost Series II, Phantom and Phantom Coupé all paid homage to the achievements of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, which, by completing a 14,371 mile virtually non-stop run, forged the marque’s reputation as purveyor of the ‘Best Car in World’. The 1907 Scottish Reliability Trials The petrol-powered automobile was still in its infancy in 1907, and the greatest concerns for the motorist were a car’s ability to cope with gradients, the ease with which it could be steered, stopped and started again, but above all, its reliability. However, very few early manufacturers could truly meet these requirements. Indeed, Rudyard Kipling, an ardent motoring enthusiast, summed up the mood of the time by saying: “I like motoring […]