Silverstone Asking How Many Cylinders Sounds Better?

It’s an age-old question and the subject of never-ending discussions between automotive enthusiasts: how many cylinders make for the best sounding engine? Could it be the mighty roar of a V12? The thunderous rumble of a V8? The smooth howl of a six cylinder? The crisp bark of a well-tuned four cylinder? Or, perhaps, the primal scream of a two-stroke V4 racing bike? The folks behind the Silverstone Classic are trying to find out.

Watch this video to hear them all, make your decision, and then vote below.

Which engine plays the best tune!? 4-cylinder, straight-six, V8 or V12 – you decide! Vote here on Silverstone’s Facebook site.

With the opportunity to relish hundreds of the world’s finest racing cars and bikes in full-chat action, visitors to this summer’s Silverstone Classic (28-30 July) will be able to make up their own minds. In the meantime, however, those behind the world’s biggest historic motor racing festival have set up a special online public poll with the help of Tiff Needell, the well-known racing driver and television presenter.

To open the debate, five of the fabulously symphonic machines that will be wowing the crowds at this year’s Classic, recently revved-up at Silverstone for a unique pre-event ‘Sound Off’.

Silverstone Classic 'Sound Off'
Silverstone Classic – Sound Off
1992 Jaguar XJR-12, 1966 Lola-Chevrolet T70 Mk2 Spyder, 1953 Cooper Bristol, 1965 Mini Cooper S, 1992 Yamaha YZR500

Ensuring the full orchestra of musical engine configurations was represented, the famous five featured a V12 powered Jaguar XJR12 sports prototype from the legendary Group C era, a V8 propelled ex-Team Surtees Lola T70 Spyder, a six-cylinder Cooper Bristol single-seater; a classic four-pot Mini Cooper S plus an iconic Yamaha ZR500 500cc GP bike ridden by none other than multiple MotoGP world champion ‘Fast’ Freddie Spencer.

Having being introduced by Needell, all five glorious-sounding engines were gunned in the pit lane before being let loose for a raucous blast past the Silverstone ‘Wing’ pits complex. And now there’s a short film of the intriguing ‘Sound Off’, allowing the public to vote for its favorite engine timbre via the Classic’s popular Facebook page.

The ‘Sound Off’ gives a taste of the exceptional aural experience that’s open to all those attending the Classic this summer when the incredible sights and sounds of all these awe-inspiring engines racing full-bore around the famous grand prix circuit will take center stage.

Note: Press release courtesy of Silverstone Classic.


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  1. Opinions, always controversial. 8 cylinder. A flat plane crank sounds better than a cross plane crank… but the best is a straight eight. Very different, very beautiful musical note.

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