A Return For Jensen?

According to the Internet news site Digital Trends, the once famous name of Jensen may be returning to the car market.

Jensen Interceptor

Their article begins this way, “Britain has no shortage of iconic car marques. From Aston Martin to Jaguar, and Rolls-Royce to Land Rover, Britannia rules the roads like it once ruled the waves.

“Yet one name in the pantheon of great British carmakers often goes unnoticed: Jensen. Its signature product was the Interceptor, an Italian-styled GT with Chrysler V8 power known for being one of the first road cars with four-wheel drive (in FF form), and for having the coolest name ever applied to a fender badge.

“Sadly, a combination of poor build equality, a general downturn, and myriad other factors forced Jensen to close its doors in 1976. There have been a few attempts to revive the company, but obviously none has succeeded.”

They go on to say that the return is slow and that the initial business is just restoration, but there may be more to come.  For the full story, read more at http://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/jensen-motors-revives-classic-british-sports-car-name