Rare MG YB Number One On EBay

The MG YB. First of all it is a model that you just don’t come across very often. Second, they don’t normally pop up as barn finds. And third, this is the very first MG YB to roll off the line. Sounds like an MG lover’s dream.

Rare MG YB on EBay
Rare MG YB on EBay

This rare car is now up for auction on EBay. Wouldn’t this be the perfect Just British staff car? Then it could be deducted as a business expense. Right?

MGYB on eBay Side Viee

We will just quote the seller’s description to give you some idea of the car itself.

It was thought that the very first MG YB was long lost, but has now been unearthed after 40 + years locked up in hibernation, by the previous owner. The proverbial ‘barn find’………

  • Number 1 – Chassis 0251 – First Registered 01 January 1952 –  First off the Production line !!!!!!!!  For those that don’t already know, historical MG’s started at chassis number 0251 – (the old Abingdon telephone number!)
  • Barn Find
  • Last owner over 40 years
  • Original and untouched
  • Original registration
  • Original buff log book and current V5, showing original colour.
  • Original undistrubed chassis plate
  • Original suppliers plate on dashboard
  • Jackall system still in car

Original engine and gearbox, matching numbers. All components original and untouched, exactly as you would want. It ticks every box, and has everything going for it. Has the later front brakes and the YB hypoid rear axle and anti roll bar on the front. Extremely good chrome on radiator surround. Some spares included.

Needs to be restored throughout, but what a wonderful basis to start with. Original, un-messed with, and it’s the very first!!!!!!!!. Some rust, as one might expect,  but in my opinion all existing panels and doors can be repaired – no new panels required.

I haven’t had time to research the very early history of this special car. However, being the very first it may have some special historical works provenance  and connections. eg. Rally/Press and publicity car/ motor show etc.

Check out the auction on EBay, and if you are the lucky winner and new owner, please let us know. We would love to know where this car ends up and what its future holds.



  1. Hi I am now the proud owner of the first MGYB I have just started the restoration it will take a while. having striped out the upholstery it would appear that the original colour was silver streak grey. Not the Old English White it is now. Shame it would have looked great restored in White.

  2. Congratulations!
    We have an 1974 MGB that my husband tinkers with when he can. We love to drive it on the Blueridge parkway here in North Carolina. It’s a beautiful drive. Enjoy your project.

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