MG ZS Heralds State of the Art Design Philosophy

The launch of the MG ZS marks an exciting new era of design for the iconic brand, representing a major step-change and commitment to a new global MG design philosophy. Based on ‘Emotional Dynamism’, the MG ZS embodies a more expressive design language that emphasizes the premium experience and commitment to quality of the ambitious brand. With a look that brings together the three key elements of ‘Emotional’, ‘Humanised’ and ‘Agility’, the MG ZS represents a desirable, accessible and dynamic approach to affordable motoring.

MG ZS - UK Launch - Oct 2017 - small

One of the key design features of the MG ZS is the compelling new face of MG, which features an enlarged, full frame grille, inspired by the famous brand’s heritage, but executed in a contemporary way. It allows for a much bigger MG badge to take center stage and showcase pride in the brand. This confident and refined front to the MG ZS is continued through a design flow that is never static, with the warmth and lack of flat surfaces indicative of a vehicle that is always poised to spring into action. Additional design features include machined alloy wheels, atypical of this type of vehicle, which provide a depth of movement and streamlined approach.

Carl Gotham, Design Director for MG Motor UK, said:

It’s a really exciting time for MG, as it starts to roll out its new brand identity. ‘Emotional Dynamism’ brings a premium feel to the new Compact-SUV with exceptional attention to detail throughout, such as the distinctive detailing on the ‘eye’ headlights and signature tail lights. It has a level of detailing and range of impressive features you would not expect to find on a car of this size or price.

Inside the MG ZS, this commitment to design excellence is continued with touches that nod to a dynamic and exclusive space for the driver, while being accessible and family-friendly for any passengers. A consistent interior language features soft materials and color contrast from a dark grey base to create a layered effect which carefully balances the driver experience with the need to create a social space with character. Driver comfort is key, with six-way adjustable seating in the Excite and Exclusive models. The use of 3D shapes, metallic and chrome finishes, carbon-esque textures and the avoidance of flat design all add to a vehicle that has real appeal.

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With a new corporate MG steering wheel based on significant ergonomic research to ensure its architectural usability and interface with the rest of the car – leather effect in the top spec Exclusive model – drivers will feel in complete control of the space. High level detailing on the air vents and contrasting materials on the dashboard enhance the quality feel, while a trend for ‘bigger’ connectivity means 8” infotainment screens will become a signature of MG going forward. Designers haven’t forgotten the practical elements either, with storage and stowage a key feature of the MG ZS – including a double cup holder, 1.5-litre bottle capacity in the doors and a split-level boot.

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Especially for the launch of the MG ZS, the brand has invested in significant research and development of a richer and deeper tri-coat red paint option, Dynamic Red, which will be available as an option across the range at just £695. Development of an intensely rich but robust red paint has been a long-standing challenge among car manufacturers, making the exhilarating new red of the MG ZS a triumph for the iconic British brand.

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The Dynamic Red color has been developed using advanced coating technology that allows MG to achieve a deep and translucent finish with just three layers of paint, a big step forward from original production techniques that relied on up to 10 applications. The color is hard-wearing – but also achieves enhanced brilliance and beautiful depth. This creates further drama to the exterior.

When speaking about the development of the color, Gotham said:

The MG ZS Dynamic Red creates a much greater sense of depth and compliments the surfaces by enhancing the vivid highlights and contrasting darker shadows. With colour playing an important role in the purchasing decision, we wanted to create something special, unique and original that reflects the passion, creativity and flair that has gone into designing the car.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing at MG Motor UK, added:

With the MG ZS, we have put design front and centre to create a car that looks as good as – if not better than – the premium brand equivalent. The colours that accompany the car were an important part of creating a bold statement, and the red tinted tri coat paint embodies the ‘Emotional Dynamism’ that is at the core of this Compact-SUV.

The MG ZS will be available as standard in Arctic White, with additional metallic color options in Black Pearl, Cosmic Silver, Spiced Orange, Laser Blue and Dynamic Red.

MG ZS - UK Launch - Oct 2017 (10) - small

Concluding his comments on design, Gotham said:

When designing the MG ZS, we had in mind the need to create a new language and direction for the brand. The MG vision is about manifesting ‘Emotional Dynamism’ by bringing together personality, practicality and technology in one compelling expression of future mobility based on established brand heritage. A statement of MG’s intent, the MG ZS marks the first in a new generation of models embodying the brand’s desire to deliver innovative design, state-of-the-art technology and value-for-money as standard.”

Note: Press release courtesy of MG UK.



  1. I am the proud owner of a 2005 MGZT 260 V8 made right at the end of the MG Rover Company and powered by a Ford Mustang 4.6 litre V8 engine.

    If the ZS is to be followed by ZT should I get excited at the prospect>

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