MG Motors Announces ‘Mission 100’

Despite the obstacles such as COVID-19 and faltering global economies, MG remains buoyant and upbeat about its plans for the future. This weekend, the company put out a press release announcing its plans to ramp up sales and production ahead of the 100th anniversary of the MG car brand in 2024. 

MG HS Excite SUV
MG HS Excite SUV

The plans involve the company expanding into over 100 markets worldwide with the aim of generating sales of 1 million units by 2024. This comes as MG has announced its ‘Mission 100’ brand strategy unveiled by parent company Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC).

Part of that strategy appears to include rolling out a new digital purchasing experience to attract new audiences and younger buyers. It will also see the company modernise and adapt the MG logo towards the design seen on the nose of the MG Cyberster concept car recently. 

SAIC have said that the company will be reaching maturity over the next few years. This was further reinforced by the announcement in May 2020 of the new Cyberster electric sportscar concept

SAIC say that last year, 2019, MG sold 298,000 cars worldwide, including 139,000 in export markets such as the UK, ranking it number one in exports of a single car brand in China. 

So what does the future hold? Well, MG said it will expand its current line-up with seven new models within the next 18 months – three of which are described as being all-new, with the rest being updates of current models. We already saw announcements of the new MG5 estate car and the MG3 has been delisted from the Chinese market over the past few weeks. But, MG are also promising a range of electric cars to complement the MGZS EV. 


The tech will be further developed for the cars including 5G connectivity and autonomous driving technology developed with sister company, Roewe.

 Note: Press release courtesy of The MG Car Club and MG Motors.


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  1. There is nothing here that even remotely aligns with MG ethos or traditions. Why would any MG enthusiast give a damned about this line of cars?

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