MG Car Fans Get Chance of a Lifetime

Yes, it is the the chance of a lifetime for MG fans – the opportunity to shape the final design of the next car which could be rolling off the Longbridge production line.

Hot on the heels of the successful launch of the MG6, the first all-new model made by MG Motor UK, came the debut UK sighting of the MG3 supermini. The car is already on sale in China but the British version is still under development and hopes are high that it could be assembled at Longbridge.

Now MG bosses want the input of UK drivers to help them tweak the final design. Company spokesman Doug Wallace said: “We want to get feedback from people to see what their views are. “The object of the exercise is to see what people make of the overall shape of the car as well as the interior and fit and finish.

The New MG 3“Some of that feedback will go into a much bigger document that could have some bearing on the car when it comes back to the UK.” The MG3, which will compete against the likes of the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Polo, was unveiled at the Prodrive test facility in Honiley, Warwickshire.

It could be in production as early as the end of the year if the assembly work comes to Longbridge, although the first quarter of next year was considered a more likely starting date. The car is based on MG’s Zero, a concept car which was shown to the world at the MPH shows last year. The Zero is also on display at MG Motor UK’s Longbridge headquarters.

The Zero and MG3 were designed and engineered at Longbridge by a 300-strong team, headed by chief designer Tony Williams-Kenny and David Brindley, who leads the operation. Car dealers have reported a “hugely positive” reaction to the MG6 and a saloon version set to follow this summer.

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