London Motor Show 2016

Following an eight-year absence, the British Motor Show is being resurrected and, according to its backers, is looking to challenge Geneva and Frankfurt.

London Motor Show 2016

The reborn event, which promises to offer a host of activities besides simply getting up close to the latest production and concept cars from the world’s biggest automotive firms, is scheduled to open its doors to the public on May 5, 2016.

However, unlike a host of other major auto shows, the London show, which will be held in Battersea Park, will only run for four days, rather than the more usual two weeks.

“With the considerable changes happening in the motor industry, this is exactly the right time to bring to London a high-profile motoring event,” said a spokesperson for the London Motor Show.

“The London Motor Show will bring global brands to the capital, to an event that visitors will find truly engaging.”

Thanks to the financial crisis, there hasn’t been a London motor show since 2008 and in the intervening years, other events, such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, have been doing a very good job of filling the void.

London is on course for a true all-encompassing central London Motor Show in May 2016. Global brands will be on show displaying their latest innovations, from telephone number price tag “hypercars,” through hybrid executive machines and MPV and SUV, through to the smallest and most economic city cars and runabouts. Not simply a static display, The London Motor Show 2016 will allow all manner of dynamic driving experiences, both in the safety of leafy Battersea Park, and also on a race track via an exciting helicopter ride. If you are a “petrol head” or just need a car for work or home, The London Motor Show in Battersea Park is your must attend diary date for 2016.

Make sure to check out the site for the British Motor Show and make plans to attend.