Kip Motor Company Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Kip Motor Company announces their 25th year of authentic restoration services for antique British, European, and exotic Domestic vehicles.

Kip Motor Company Celebrates 25th Anniversary

With humble beginnings in the home garage, Kip’s fledging restoration company  (mostly Studebaker, Ford & Chevrolet) started providing service for his wife’s Nash Metropolitan that she used as her ‘company sales car’. Soon, other local owners requested service, restoration, and parts for their Metropolitan.


  • Started stocking Metropolitan parts  and  created a “Met parts listing”Moved into facility Went mail order
  • Moved into facility Went mail orderStarted servicing other uncommon British models no longer supported by
  • Started servicing other uncommon British models no longer supported by original manufacturer such as London Taxi, Hillman, and English Ford
  • Subsequently created catalogs for the uncommon British models while continuing to service and restore vintage automobiles
  • Expanded into new building, online presence, additional catalogs and employees
  • Created methodologies to make parts no longer available in small batches i.e. resin products and metal casting
  • Evolved to producing distributor cap small batch production due to inconsistent quality of mass marketed caps
  • Re-engineering of the Liberty Distributor Cap for WWI aero engines
  • New product inquiries from wholesale parts suppliers, museums, and car clubs increased
  • Created new division, KipAero, to focus on providing authentic Sopwith Aeroplane kits and ignition components to vintage aviation enthusiast
  • Expertise grew in restoring vehicles to original specifications and authenticity
  • Active in industry trade organizations, organizer of local All British & European Car Day, and supporter of various car clubs
  • Offers internships for restoration college students to ensure future craftsmen (and women) for the restoration industry and Kip Motor
  • Coined the term “Carchaeology”   the study of automobiles and their history, culture, craftsmanship, marketing and manufacturing processes – to thoroughly understand the vehicles entrusted to their care
  • Vision to ensure yesterday’s antique/collector vehicle can be restored, maintained, and preserved for current and future generations to enjoy.


For more on the story and to see more about Kip Motor Company and their history, check them out at

Note: Press release courtesy of Kip Motor Company.





  1. First, I hope the storms don’t inundate you. Second, I’d like to say this issue is exceptional. The articles are great. I’d like to commend you for the write-up on Kip. He and his family are great contributors to the genre (as well as antique aircraft….)
    It’s good to see members of the BMTA doing what the association was created to do: Help each other. Your mag is a great example. Keep up the good work!!

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