Do You Drive to These Songs?

Top Gear TunesGuest post by Hannah Warder

When you are going for a leisurely drive, or even just your daily commute, it is nice to listen to some music instead of listening to people talking and laughing on the radio. But what songs are particularly popular to listen to while driving, and why? We’ve found five songs which are played in cars all over the UK, on the motorway, driveway, and probably in the line at a fast food drive through too.

The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

This song is featured on the Top Gear Seriously Cool Driving Music CD set (1), and it is easy to see why. It’s a sing-along tune known through the generations. Of course this song works particularly well if used by a group of men who are literally back in town!

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

One to sing your heart out to, Don’t Stop Me Now is another classic driving song. You would find it hard to be feeling angry listening to this, even if you were stuck in a traffic jam.

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic – Sting and the Police

Sting seems to be a popular choice for a more chilled out journey in the car, but doesn’t skimp on the catchy lyrics front either. Just because it topped the UK charts in November 1981 (2), it doesn’t mean it isn’t still cool today.

Wouldn’t it be Nice – The Beach Boys

Another upbeat song! This song makes us want to roll down the windows (or a convertible roof) and drive next to an ocean on a warm summers day. Although once you listen to one Beach Boys song it is easy to get into the mood for the whole album.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

There have been a couple of covers of this song in the past year, but the Journey one is the most classic. Like the other songs above, Don’t Stop Believing is just as catchy and easy to sing along to. In fact, this seems like a recurring theme when it comes to driving music; if you can sing along to it, and it makes you happy, it is destined to be a song for your journey.

About the author: Hannah Warder writes for MediaVest (Manchester) on a number of topics, including car insurance.


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