British Transportation Museum in Ohio

British Transportation MuseumAre you aware of the British Transportation Museum‘s efforts to raise funds to buy and refurbish a building?  The British Transportation Museum was founded in 1998 by Dick Smith, Mike Edgerton, and Mike Smith as they began to sketch out a museum concept for the education and preservation of British Transportation in America. The Museum is celebrating its 17th Anniversary in 2015.

The British Transportation Museum is an all volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable educational institution established to collect, preserve, and interpret through exhibits the heritage of British built transportation vehicles utilized in the United States. The focus is to foster learning, appreciation, insight and a useful understanding of the role of British transportation vehicles in American life. This involves the collection and preservation of vehicles, parts, photographs, memorabilia, books and any and all articles that illustrate British modes of transportation and presenting such items in an educational environment. The Museum will reach out to the community with historical programming, exhibits, classes, automotive events and other activities for all ages.

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