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th_herberta4.jpg (17030 bytes) Natasha, The MG 1100 of Herberta Gray.  Purchased new in Seattle in 1963. For a beautiful side shot, click here.
Another: Natasha getting some ice cream.
Another: Natasha at her restorer's shop.
Another: Watching the geese.
th_herberta5.jpg (21683 bytes) The engine compartment of the Grays' 1100 (note the flames).
Note: For more images of this fine 1100 and other MGs, click here.
My 1100 My 1964, 4-door 1100.  Purchased in January of 1999 and needing a full restoration. For more about my 1100, click here.
tn1100xx.jpg (3974 bytes) A Sad Looking 1100 (not mine!)
tn1100my.jpg (3023 bytes) Another bad looking 1100 (this one was mine long ago).
Cutaway A cutaway drawing of the 1100 from one of the BMC service manuals.
Japanese 1962 MG 1100 An unknown, but very nice, 1962 MG 1100 from Japan.
Tim Hipwell's MG 1300 named "Bouncer"
Another: Bouncer and his (her?) friends.
Another: Another view of Bouncer friends.
Tim Hipwell's "Bouncer" at home in the garage while undergoing some front-end rework.
An front-end shot of Anthony Barnhill's beautifully restored 1100. Note the rare dealer display hood excellently finished to match the car.
An full-on look Anthony Barnhill's 1100.  Make sure to check out Tony's web site, The Autoist.
Brian LaVoie's 1967 MG 1100 named "Mr. Pickwick. Brian says, "These cars are just so damn cool; I can't drive it without a ridiculous grin..."
An interesting custom - no, MG never built one like this. Created by an unknown owner in the UK.
Not an MG, but a great car none-the-less.  This is Borris from Australia who belongs to Bree. Snug at home in the garage!